PAG-IBIG Affordability Calculator

PAG-IBIG is organization under the possession of government in the human settlement and urban development. It is intended to provide the help to the Pilipino people to get loans to full their needs. It is well established form that works in two ways. The working of this organization is very smooth and strong. PAG-IBIG has a very vast nest of online system. Most important thing of this institute is that it is very easy to access even a simple worker of the country can avail benefit’s.

This organization actually works in two major parts. One aspect is national saving program and second one is providing loans for different purposes at a very low rate. Just like mention earlier, in first program people are giving their money to save and for any need they can have desired amount on behalf of that money. In second program people take loan from the PAG-IBIG return them in easy installments that are designed according to their monthly wages.

Online system

e- System of this organization plays rigorous role in their success. It is very strong, well structured, easy accessible. Even you chose saving or loan taking program you have to be member of this organization after that you have the entire information regarding the program in front of you with one click. it provide the individual full tracking of their activity regarding the program and what they are doing, what things are left, what are the procedures in future. Everything is mentioned in detail.


There are three main stakeholders which plays vital role

  • Members
  • Employ
  • Developers

The first step is getting the membership either you want to save or taking fun services anytime, anywhere from the institute. After that member gets the account on which they can save their money monthly according to wages. They can get more benefits from other people because of their membership. Second is employ they can have the funds for their different purposes and return in installment. Employs that works locally or in foreign country have equal chance to get fund for the desired purposes on lowest interest rate. Same with Developers they can also avail from these online services.

PAG-IBIG Affordability Calculator

The major aspect of this program is funds for housing in which mostly are interested. Now here are the types of loan that this program covers.

PAG-IBIG housing loan

  • Short term loan
  • Multi-purpose loan
  • Calamity loan

Coverage of people                     

This program provides all the minor details and covers every departmental people. The low earner, medium earner, high earner, local resident, foreigner Pilipino worker. Every person who is philippic citizen has the equal chances to get funds for their needs.

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