PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card

In this blog we will dig the information regarding the PAG-IBIG loyalty card plus. PAG-IBIG offers multipurpose card that is use as debit card and permit to enjoy the discounts and rewards. On behalf of PAG-IBIG loyalty card the members are eligible to apply for the multi-purpose loan, MP2 program dividend and so many other benefits by getting partnership. Loyalty card plus can be the enlargement of the membership where the individuals get more benefits and discounts than the members can avail. The loyalty card established with the corporation of union bank and asia bank.

Loyalty plus card validity period

The old loyalty card plus has eight years of validity along with three year of eligibility for benefits on the other hand the new version of the loyalty card plus has ten (10) years of validity of the bank features and three whole years of eligibility for the discounts on it which is quite remarkable for the members who wants to avail big reductions.

PAG-IBIG multi-purpose loan on loyalty card plus

With the upgraded loyalty card plus the members are able to get multi-purposes loan, MP2 programs because of it has bank account function as debit card. In this way people are eligible to receive money directly through the loyalty card.

Partnership discounts

The loyalty card plus holders can Avila so many concession from different brands, on grocery, on fuel refill, hotel booking and so on. Most amazing deals is members can gain advantages from the hundreds of partners that is spread nationwide that are offered different rates of markdown which is marvelous for the member to save such amount money.

Loyalty card plus eligibility criteria

The first thing we need to know is eligibility criteria weather a member can fulfill the procedures or not. Let’s see the step we have to follow

  • Members can be eligible for the loyalty card plus with one month contribution and can avail the benefits from the partners.
  • All the information of the member should be up dated in order to get the card.

PAG-IBIG loyalty card plus requirements

There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled by the member for having loyalty card plus detail steps are mentioned below;

  • Valid ID card
  • Membership ID (MID) number is required
  • Loyalty card fee 125 PHP

PAG-IBIG loyalty card plus application process for members 

By following some steps members can enroll for the loyalty card plus

  • Make the MID number and active the verification process
  • Download and fill application form
  • Pay 125 PHP card fee in bank and receive receipt
  • Have biometric verification
  • Check the details
  • Claim your card and PIN code from bank. Members can have loyalty card plus on same day.

Loyalty card plus employer based enrollment

Employers can also have enrolment for the loyalty card after following these step that are mentioned below;

  • Fill two forms 1 request for the enrollment, 2 list of employees to avail of loyalty card plus
  • Submit them at branch as hard copies or send them through e-mails
  • Employees should have accomplished their forms along with copy of valid id card
  • Pay the loyalty card plus fee
  • Should have done with biometric verification
  • Will receive loyalty card plus and PIN code at the spot

Loyalty card features

  • Saving account type
  • 100,000 PHP are required for daily balance to receive interests
  • 10% is interest rate
  • 10 year card validity
  • Union bank online
  • Visa pay wave functionality
  • 50 PHP for new PIN
  • 25 PHP for interbank transaction
  • 50,000PHP is the daily withdrawal limit
  • us dollar for ATM balance inquiry
  • withdrawal

Frequently asked questions

How can I get loyalty card plus online?

Members cannot get loyalty card plus online yet but can download application form. It’s only available in branches for the staff working

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In what time I can have loyalty card?

Members can have loyalty card plus same day when they proceed for it.

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