PAG-IBIG Number Verification

In this blog we are going to delve into the realm of PAG-IBIG number verification and the procedures of the verification in details. PAG-IBIG is a fund’s delivering online services facility that controlled by the government to serve the Philippine citizens to accomplish their needs on very minimum interest rate. After becoming the part of the organization as member, its obligational act to pay monthly input for getting loans but being a human, it might be possible to forget the code or numbers.

Now the question is how a member can perform the activities on PAG-IBIG without the numbers so it’s very important to retrieve the number through different verification procedures.

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With the help of new website you can regain your member ID number but in case you are not successful in recovering PAG-IBIG number still you have so many ways to verify the number through phone call, face book, email or by visiting the office that is nearby you.

PAG-IBIG Number Verification

First of all we see about the PAG-IBIG MEMBERSHIP ID (MID) is a 12 digit number that is assigned to every member after getting registered allocated a number to access your account and records. Now have a look at the major point where people get confused and don’t know what the difference between MID number and registration number is?

Difference between MID and registration number

Most of people get confuse between MID numbers and registration number because both have 12 digits and consider registration number as member id number but there is slight difference between the both. Registration number (RTN) is the trailing number that is given to the individual upon the first time registration.

Through this number we couldn’t approach the account details. After the registration, we have to be member and get a 12 digit number that actual member id number (IMD) to see the records and detail have to put this code.

PAG-IBIG MID number verification

There are some ways to verify your lost number through;

  • Website
  • Hotline
  • Email
  • Face book
  • Chat on website
  • Pay a visit

Number verification through website

  • It is most convenient way to verify your forgotten number
  • Open website
  • Be member
  • Put required info like RTN, last name, date of birth
  • Submit
  • After getting matched with records you will have your MID number appeared on screen

Number verification through text

  • In this way you have to send a SMS
  • IDSTAT (space) RTN (space) date of birth
  • Send this message to 09178884363 or 09188984363
  • Get reply contains the MID number

Number verification through hotline

  • The hotline of the PAG-BIG is always open even on Sunday for the verification of MID number
  • 02 8-724-4244 is the hotline number.

Number verification through e-mail

  • You can also contact the organization via e-mail to
  • Put your detail info like name, date of birth, address, mother maiden name
  • You would get reply email with MID

Number verification through face book

  • Open page
  • Complete name, date of birth, mother’s name
  • You shell get the reply along with mid number

Pay visit for number verification

If you lost your number and the office is you’re nearby so you have the option to pay visit and employ of the pag-ibig will guide you properly in terms to get MID number.

How do I get my RTN?

When an individual get registered upon first time under the organization will allocate a number that called RTN of the person

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How can I get MID number?

After getting register you need to be member of PAG-IBIG for opening account to tracking the records on that time organization gives you a number that is called MID number.

As a result we can say that it is very easy to approach the online system to verify your number and PAG-IBIG offers you so many ways to get connected. It help their members to satisfy their need and requirements. For further details stay tune with this site.

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