Pag Ibig Salary Loan Form

In this article we will provide the detailed guideline about the PAG-IBIG salary form and the required documents. PAG-IBIG is provided the fund services to the Philippine citizens to accomplish the needs. The loan offered on the salary basis is also recognized multi- purpose loan that deals immediate necessities of life. The members who are able to meet the requirements can apply for the salary loan. The requirements for the qualification for loan have mention below:


  1. 24 month membership saving
  2. One month saving within the last 6 month prior the application date
  3. Must not be defaulter in any loan
  4. Provide income proof

Loan features

  • The member is able to get the 80% of their saving amount
  • The interest rate would be 10.5 % applicable on the loan
  • Members can repay the loan within three or two years
  • Loan will be released through loyalty card / bank account / pay check
  • Loan payment return or deducted from the salary on the monthly basis.
  • Penalty of 1/20 of 1% of unpaid amount for every day of delay

Required Documents

  • Application form
  • Valid id
  • Certificate of net pay signed by the authority (local employ)
  • ITR, commission voucher, bank statement of 12 month, transport franchise certificate, employment contract for (over sea employ)
  • Passport
  • Postal id, voter id, NBI, PRC, GSIS
  • Philippine id card
  • Senior citizen card


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So after getting the detail description of the form and the required documents member can easily access the loan procedure without hesitation. The PAG-IBIG has very strong e-service system that can be approached by the members. In case of any quires please feel free to enquire from us thank you.

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